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Recent Interviews of the Ambitious

Interviews of the Ambitious: Alex Pavlenko

What Do You Do? Alex Pavlenko genuinely struggles when asked the question.  He owns businesses and brands in Portland and Vancouver, has established institutions in the startup community, and is looking for a good cup of coffee even if he has to roast the beans himself! Learn more about all that Alex does. Read More…

What I Learned From Shae Noble

Shae Noble Interview, ‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ Shae Noble is a “casual perfectionist.”  That means it’s all right to have big goals, and still OK to achieve only so much.  Shae’s perspective brings into harmony her sense of ambition, potential and patience.   Thank you, Shae, for making the [November 28 ‘Live Interviews of […]

Recent Articles

Waterfront Vancouver lots to begin charging for parking

Parking at the Vancouver Waterfront now costs $1.25 per hour, same as the fee structure to park in downtown Vancouver.  According to the company developing the property, Gramor Development, they did not want people parking for free in the area lots and then enter the downtown area on foot whilst not pay for parking there. Read […]

Vancouver business park Convene set for Phase II

Vancouver business park Convene set for Phase II The Columbian, Allan Brettman, November 24, 2018 The Home Depot QuoteCenter will soon have neighbors.  The 22-acre plot of land to the west is the remaining, 3-phase land parcel to be developed by Vancouver’s Killian Pacific.  Phase II will likely feature a 3-story office building and another […]

Expanding your network may be easier than you think

This article covers three intertwined topics: diversifying one’s network, how to meet new people, and why expanding one’s network is important.  Google Ventures’ (“GV’s”) partner, Rick Klau, and BLCK VC founder, Sydney Sykes, explain how to break the mold of associating with the same people.